Invest in a New Opportunity in Hospitality

Improve Your Portfolio

Increase the versatility of your asset with a trusted educational partner who helps you create place for people to learn, discover, and book travel experiences around the world online.

Embrace the mission of Improving Hospitality

Exciting experience

Mondosol is going global and we take You with us all over the world partnering with Top Hoteliers and Property Owners. Mondosol take care of everything with a dynamic housing solution that is built for the future of real estate and is entirely designed, installed and managed for a lot of new adventures.

Adding Value

Mondosol guarantee stability in both residential and
commercial markets with hard work, honesty and motivation. 

Looking for beautiful spaces purpose-built for residents,
leisure and business travelers.

Boost your
occupancy and operating income

We’re a strong economic partner, signing long-term leases that support your net operating income and increase your occupancy.

Offer your residents a unique amenity

Differentiate your offering by giving current tenants access to all of our places at a great discount across the world. Every Mondosol host is expected to provide guests what we like to call the essentials.

A new and growing demand

Increasing interest in Vacation Rental and Short-Term bring Mondosol to provide the operations and management that will help you meet this growing market.

Partner With Us

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