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1. How to sign-up in Mondosol as an Owner 

💡 Note: 

If an owner wants to sign-up click here and follow these instructions:

If you already have an account as an Owner in Mondosol click here to Login. If you need instruction click here.

If want to know, before you sign up, how do you get the money read this article

  1. Fill in name and email address, and click Send.
  2. A verification email will be sent to the owner. See example
  3. When the owner clicks the verification link he will be directed to the Owner Account Page to create a password for his account login and fill in missing information.
  4. Once you click Send you can Add your property or edit if Mondosol has already created one for you.

💡 Note: As long as the account is not verified/completed the owner will appear as Pending in Mondosol list of owners.

If you want to manage rates and reservations on the go read this article here

How to manage your property

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