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List your place easily with Mondosol Setup

One-to-one guidance

We’ll guide you from your first question to your first guest—by phone, video call, or chat to rent your place. You’re in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests. 

Easy first experience

For your first time we will help you. In just few minutes — add property details, upload photos and publish! One-tap access to specially trained agents who can help with everything from Communicate with renters and manage your reservation.

Your Account

Enter your First and Last name, an email. Accept the T&C and click Sign up. Once you confirm your email, voila, you are in. Enter your listing with a description, photos and prices. Mondosol will refine your listing and offer Photography with Live Staging of your Property.

You set the availability and house rules for your listing and Mondosol will screen potential guests. You decide who is coming in your accommodation.


Your customers

You can greet guests in person with a key or just send them a door code. You can offer breakfast. You can clean yourself and provide the essentials or Mondosol can provide professional cleaning and Key Holding Services. 

Your Money

You’ll get a confirmation and a secure payment system. In Mondosol guest are charged a deposit before arrival and you decide how to get paid from the guest minus a 5% payment fee. You can get all the money via PayPal, direct deposit, or international money wire, among other ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mondosol different?
  • It’s easy and free to become a Mondosol owner in most areas
  • It's possible to get help building your presence, finding guests, handling reservations and secure payments
  • If you commit to learn Mondosol doesn’t charge any subscription or “listing” fees to homeowners

Who can be a Mondosol owner?

  • In the all world you can list your commercial property like an hotel, motel or more.
  • If you have entire apartments, homes and private rooms list it on Mondosol. 
  • For more details get on the phone to start hosting with Mondosol. 

What happen after I sign up?

  • You receive an email to confirm your account
  • You enter information, availability and prices
  • After review your property is live and you can cancel anytime.

How do you make more money for me?

  • Excellent method
  • Maximise your booking without commissions. Our property owner get the best deals for their customers saving up to 30% compared to other online platforms. START SAVING
  • Optimize your time with automated tools

How much do you cost me?

  • 0 subscription per month for ever
  • 5% payment fee per booking in Mondosol
  • 0% commission and training with the Mondosol Method Course, Group Coaching and Personal Coaching

What is included?

  • The payment fees for bookings and training on Mondosol
  • Around the clock booking team and Cleaning on demand
  • Customizable booking preferences

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