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16. How to make a Check out and after that

One of the most delightful experiences as a guest or a host is to get a terrific review. Not only that, but your business is built on them. Guests rely on reviews when they decide where to book. The more reviews you have, the more experienced you look to guests.

These reviews are mutually beneficial to the community, as hosts depend upon them as well. The reviews other hosts have written help you learn about guests. The trust of a community relies on these reviews and they are considered when determining which hosts achieve Superhost status.

The reviews are crucial to the way the community works. 

Here’s how you can write reviews of your guests in Airbnb

In Airbnb you have 14 days to complete your review after a trip has ended. You'll only see your feedback from a completed trip after both you and your guest have left a review, or at the end of the 14-day review period.

Previous reviews

You can respond to reviews guests have left you, directly on your listing. To see your review history, go to Edit Profile > Reviews. You'll see past Reviews About You and Reviews By You. Among the Reviews About You, you'll also see any Private Feedback that people have left you. This is also where you can also leave a public response to a review you've received within the past 2 weeks.

Guests are encouraged to leave both written reviews and star ratings for you. After three guests have rated you, your star ratings will appear at the top of your listing.

Giving honest feedback

Leaving a review for your guests is a chance to show your gratitude and provide helpful feedback. Be sure to address sensitive issues with kindness and professionalism. When possible, include concrete examples of the behaviors they can change. Particularly for guests who are new to traveling, your feedback will help them become expert travelers.

Another benefit of reviewing your guests is that it encourages your guests to review you. The more reviews that appear on your profile and listing, the more experienced you will appear to potential guests.

When you receive a review, it's an opportunity to use your guests' feedback to make improvements to your listing or the hospitality you provide. You might use this information to upgrade your amenities, amend your check-in process, or update your listing to be more accurate.

You and your guest can also leave each other private feedback, which lets you be more candid and direct. This feedback lets you be more careful with the emotional impact of your words. Guests appreciate that you can discuss sensitive topics privately before posting anything in public.

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