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12. How to offer a Clean and Welcoming Space

Exceptional hospitality can come through in a lot of ways, but it most definitely starts with a clean space. And while cleaning might not be the most fun part of hosting, it doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get swept up in an effective and easy cleaning routine.

Focus on the trouble spots

First things first: Give extra attention to the most important areas of cleanliness. Those would be the kitchen and the bathrooms. If you offer your guests space in the refrigerator, give it a thorough cleaning. And if you make a point to keep all of the condiments and other items nicely organized, your guest will be encouraged do the same.

Airbnb cleanliness blog post

Make room for your guests’ things

We certainly love our things but too much of a good thing may look like clutter to a visitor. In addition to keeping your space clean, it’s important to keep it tidy. Your guests may not want to live out of their suitcase for their whole stay, so you can offer them space to put out their toiletries and personal items on a shelf or nightstand. You can also offer your guests room for their clothes and larger items in a closet or dresser.

Pay attention to details

Once you’ve gotten your space clean and ready for your next guest, check the details:

  • Look for stray hairs on the couch
  • Clean off dust on the edges of shelves, picture frames, and doorways
  • Wipe down all the surfaces of fixtures and appliances
  • Check the kitchen counter for crumbs
  • Sweep or vacuum under the furniture

Airbnb cleanliness blog post

Make it smell good, too!

Consider giving your space a signature scent by using cleaning products with natural or herbal fragrances. Scented candles and flowers give the air a clean, welcoming aroma, too. One fresh idea we really love is lining kitchen and bath waste bins with scented trash liners. Taking out the trash never smelled better.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner

If cleaning is difficult to tackle alone, you can hire a professional cleaner. Some hosts like to have multiple cleaning services on hand—a primary cleaner and a backup in case there’s a scheduling conflict. To find the right cleaner for you, consider connecting with other hosts in your area for recommendations.

Airbnb cleanliness blog post

Think outside the space

No matter how much time you spend cleaning your space, if it’s in a multi-unit building, your guests may encounter common areas that aren’t sparkling. Just let them know what to expect in your listing description so that your visitors won’t be unpleasantly surprised.

We appreciate all the time and care you put into making your space shine. It’s one of the best ways to show your guests that you’re an attentive host!

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