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5. How to take Great Pictures for your Property

Pictures are potential guest’s first impression so they are very important because they are the first thing guests look at when considering a property on Mondosol and what will eventually make or break their decision to book your space.

If you are serious about hosting, we might have a professional photographer for your space at no costs! Are you partnering with Mondosol?

Why Photos

Generally speaking, listings with beautiful photos receive more eyes, more interest and more bookings, so take some time to make them shine. Draw in potential guests, highlight what’s amazing, and set their expectations appropriately. Let guests book with confidence.

On, our experiments have shown that displaying around 24 property-level photos, and 4 photos per room type, including one bathroom photo, has a positive impact on conversion. Our website displays landscape (horizontal) photos best, with a recommended photo size of 2048 x 1536 pixels (about 3.1 megapixels).

The minimum recommended size for uploading is 1280 x 900 (1.15 Megapixels). Our research shows that certain photos are more popular with guests. Depending on your property type, you might be prompted to add these photos with a category like swimming pool, restaurant, breakfast, living room, beach, etc.

If you’re shooting your own space, decides who is your target audience and follow the five most important photo tips for making your space look better than ever.

1. Brighten up the inside

Light is a photographer’s best friend. It brings out natural depth, color, and contrast in a setting. Great lighting makes your photo look more professional overall, which makes you look professional as well.

Shoot during the day, turn on all the lights, open the curtains and let in all of the natural light. Most modern cameras will adjust for bright spots by darkening the rest, so focus the camera away from the windows if possible.


2. Shoot into a corner

This technique shows a broad range of space and adds dimensionality to the photo. Shooting flat onto a wall can make a space seem smaller than in real life, while corners help give a sense of true perspective.

Composition in a photo is very important. Consider the rule of thirds for balance and visual queues to keep the eye moving. Create a unique experience for the viewer and your place will pop!

3. Clean the scene

Take some time to remove the clutter from your living space. It’ll be less distracting to the viewer and generally make your place seem more inviting and spacious.

Pretend you’re an interior decorator arrange some flowers, fan some magazines, dust surfaces. Be as tidy as you’ve ever been. Clean up, but be sure the photo aligns as closely as possible to the actual space when they arrive. Let photos be a true reflection of how guests will find it.

photography tips for Airbnb listing

4. Highlight unique amenities

Do you have a sweet backyard patio? A barbeque? An awesome kitchen? Are there kids toys in a room built just for kids? Is there a jaw-dropping view? A washer-dryer? A fireplace? Let guests know with photos. All these things set your place apart from places that don’t have them both homes and hotels;so document them with photos.

People love the little details too; things that fill your home with life and personality. If you have a guitar signed by Tom Petty, or a collection of US Civil War-era china, or chickens in the backyard, add pictures of them to your listing. Don’t be shy; people love interesting spaces.

And remember what the guest is looking for like; Couples Comfy bed, couches and dining area. Families Space for luggages, place to cook or eat meal. Business People Wifi, extra computer monitor with cables, quick meal/coffee/tea. Groups Luggage space, proximity to mass transit.


5. Take photos outside

What’s outside is just as important as what’s inside. Help set people’s expectations of their arrival by photographing your place from the outside. The best time to shoot outdoors is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day, known as the “Golden Hour.” This is the time of day where light is softest (most diffused) and brings out the broadest range of color.

And don’t forget your neighborhood! People get excited about their destination as well as the place they’re staying, so take pictures of your locale. They’ll brag about what was within walking distance so if you live close to a local attraction, a great restaurant, or gorgeous scene, post some photos of it.

Airbnb photography tips for listing

Bonus tip

Generally speaking, more is more, so the more photos (no more than 30s on the listing) you have the more excited people will be to browse them. It provides your guest the most reference with which to make their decision, and allows them to spend more time with your listing. Try not to shoot the same thing a hundred times, but throw in a variety of subjects. Go broad, go detailed, and give potential guests a great idea of what your space is really like. Here are some important tips:

  • Open any blinds or curtains to allow in natural light
  • Organise or put away objects that clutter your space
  • It’s all in the details: highlight amenities your guest will enjoy
  • Remove any valuables you do not want photographed
  • Make your bed with nice, clean sheets
  • Tidy up surfaces and bedside tables
  • Put away any laundry
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Open the shower curtain
  • Close the toilet lid
  • Fold your guest's towels
  • Put away dishes and food items
  • Clean every counter top

Look these examples to prepare your space in the best way, specially if you are getting a photographer and live staging from Mondosol.  


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