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17. How To Write a Guest Review

Always write Airbnb guest reviews, good or bad.

Every time Mondosol sends you a customer we would like to know how was your experience. 

All hosts know that getting good reviews from guests on their listings is essential. Most hosts also know how important it is to be honest and direct in these short reviews about guests who’ve booked our listing. Knowing on Airbnb how to write guest reviews isn’t a huge challenge, but it can get complicated.

Let’s break it down

Some Airbnb host advice on writing a guest review; no matter what went down during the guest’s stay.

After a guest checks out, Airbnb will send a reminder to the hosts to write a review. This is a review about the guest, their stay, and how they treated our space. Guests are also given this reminder to review us and our home after they’ve checked out. You and your guest will see your feedback on this booking only when you both have completed the review or after 14 days. After hosts or guests write a review they can edit it for up to 48 hours.

Be honest (if your review violate Airbnb terms of service in any way the company will remove it) to help your guests plan future trips to Airbnb. Your review will also help other hosts create their expectations when they receive a request from these people.

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See our review guidelines.

They can be up to 500 characters but don’t feel that you need to fill the whole thing. Most of all guest reviews should be one-of-a-kind, not copied and pasted from one review to the next. When figuring out what to write, remember to be concise and completely honest. Write about what it was like to communicate with the guest before, during, and after their stay. Also answer some questions for hosts who may be thinking about accepting these guests into their own listing.

  1. Would you recommend the guest to other hosts?
    Your answer will not be published on the Airbnb Mondosol profile or on the guest profiles.
  2. Describe Your Experience (Required)
    Your review will be published on your guests profiles.
  3. Guest Private Feedback
    This feedback is only for your guests and will not be published.

In the review be sure to answer these points in a direct and honest way:

  • Cleaning
    Did guests leave their accommodation clean?
  • Communication
    Have guests communicated their plans, their questions and concerns clearly?
  • Respect for House Rules
    Have your guests respected your house rules?

Learn how to handle an Airbnb Negative Guest Experience

Don’t be rude or negative, simply deliver the facts as they’re relevant. If the guest has done something negligent or has damaged the property in some way and is refusing to pay, this might call for a negative review.

Some Airbnb Review Templates for Inspiration

Here there are samples on how to write a review (change what in the bracket with your own details so when you see guest first name replace with the actual name like Mary or Elisa):

  1. (guest_first_name) was a great guest because took great care of my space, left it clean and tidy, and was a pleasure to speak with. I’d be glad to host (guest_first_name) again anytime.
  2. (guest_first_name) was an amazing guest. Communication was as smooth as can be, the place was left in great condition, and the house rules were respected. I hope to host (guest_first_name) again in the future!
  3. I recommend (guest_first_name) to other hosts. Our experience with (guest_first_name) has been great. Communication with Airbnb was good and the place was in order.
  4. It was my pleasure hosting (guest_first_name). (guest_first_name) has respected my house rules, communication ran smoothly, and most importantly, was super friendly! I highly recommend (guest_first_name).
  5. (guest_first_name) was a great guest! (guest_first_name) took great care of my place, left it clean, respecting my house rules and it was a great pleasure to speak with. I’d be glad to host (guest_first_name) again anytime.
  6. I loved having (guest_first_name) because was great with corresponding the purpose of the trip and treated my place with respect. I and any other host, would be lucky to have (guest_first_name) again!
  7. I have enjoyed hosting (guest_first_name). I think (guest_first_name) is such a kind person. Our experience was smooth from the beginning to the end. I hope to have the opportunity to host (guest_first_name) again!

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